We offer you assistance and support in buying/selling and renting real estate in sunny Spain!

For sure, we are not the only ones who offer such services. Why should you choose us to contact?

·         Full range of legal and consulting services

Our team offers a full range of services related to the purchase or rent of real estate, including search and selection of housing according to your individual request, organization of visits and reservation of objects and, in addition, full legal support of the transaction, including assistance in obtaining NIE (alien registration number in Spain), opening a bank account and obtaining a mortgage loan, as well as completion of all necessary documents with a notary.

·         Customer service - for free!

For buyers, the entire range of services we provide is completely free of charge; in particular, we will be glad to answer all your questions and provide the necessary consultations or dispel your doubts!

Our commission fee is never added to the price you pay. From us you get only additional services and assistance with no additional costs incurred.

·         We will organize your trip

If necessary, our partner company will take care of everything connected with your trip to Spain, that is, booking air tickets, ordering a hotel room and renting a car. We can meet you right at the airport! If you want to make sure what a wonderful country this is – definitely worth a visit and see! At the same time, we will show you all the objects you are interested in – of course, without any purchase obligation from your side. Come to visit us, and later – to your home!

·         We speak your language

Our representatives are fluent in Russian, Latvian, English, German and Spanish - choose any language which is more comfortable!

·         You will be surprised by our range of offers

We are not developers or housing owners. There is no secret that we are intermediaries who cooperate with large and not so large developers, individual owners of houses and apartments, with real estate offices and their agents. Thus, we consolidate real estate market offers, which give us the opportunity to provide the widest and diversified possible assortment for our customers. Discussing in details the real estate object you are interested in, it will be of course examined and information about the owner and possible encumbrances will be provided. These legal services will also be provided to you free of charge!

Please, keep in mind that contracts for the placement of objects on our web-site are concluded non-stop, therefore those proposals that you see are only a part of our extensive database that is regularly replenished. Therefore, if you have not found your dream house or apartment, just e-mail us about your wishes and we will find the right object for you!

·         We complete individual orders

Whatever your tastes and preferences are, we are sure that we will be able to find for you the most special, most refined and unique housing that will become your home! Even if it differs from the standard search parameters, even if we do not have such an object yet, we will definitely find it anyway!

·         We highly value each of our clients

For us, there are no large and small orders, just as there are no urgent and secondary orders. Each client is equally important to us, and we respect and highly value him or her. We will make every effort to make the deal happen and to make you happy, whether it's buying a luxury villa or a small modest apartment. Every deal is our common small victory!

·         We work for results

We never take prepayment from sellers, and we do not charge any fees from buyers for our services at all. We receive our remuneration only after a deal is concluded,, and therefore we always work for the result. Thanks to our high motivation and confidence in our professionalism, that it is not far off!

·         We are always available

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or through the on-line contact form at any time, and we will try to respond to your request as quickly and as accurately as possible. Call us, and even if our working day is over, we will certainly call you back as soon as possible!

·         We love Spain

We adore this sunny, friendly and incredibly beautiful country! A part of our soul is there! This is why it is easy and fun to deal with Spanish real estate. After all, we offer you something that we like ourselves. And we really want you to love this land with its unique sandy beaches and gentle sun, the part of which, once you arrive, you will take with you for good... and we are sure that after that you will wish to come back again and again!

·         We are proud with our work

We truly love what we do. After all, we open to you the veil to the world of beauty, bliss and comfort, a beautiful, enchanting world, which, in addition, can become your home. Believe us, there is nothing more pleasant than seeing satisfied and happy customers, being aware of our contribution. Therefore, for us sale of real estate is more than business. This is our lifestyle, our aspirations and your and our dreams ... dreams that used to come true!

·         We always smile

You must have been noticed that Spaniards are one of the most smiling people on earth. Haven’t you? Then come and see for yourself! You know, when there are 320 sunny days a year, when the sea is at arm's length, and every day at home with a magnificent view of a paradise beach from panoramic windows you have a dinner of fresh delicious seafood and vegetables from the local market, accompanied with a fine wine, and all this – at a very affordable price, when everybody around is friendly and open and also smiling and it seems that the world consists of kind and happy people - it must be difficult to refrain from smiling back.  

·         Just e-mail us

Do you wish to buy a house or an apartment in this truly marvelous country? Or just go to see Spain, this colorful multicultural kaleidoscope with its diverse nature and majestic history? Or, maybe, you are still not completely sure about your choice? Want to learn more or just chat? Do not hesitate, just e-mail or call us. We are at arm's length. Just as close as your dream is!